Nigerians Decry the Poor State of Commercial Vehicles in Lagos State

Rickety Commercial Vehicles Plying the Roads of Lagos State Poses Threat to Passengers Lives

  • Lagos residents have called on the state government to urgently address the increasing number of rickety commercial vehicles plying the roads of Lagos state to protect commuters of avoidable dangers.

Some of them who spoke to Radio Nigeria decried the poor state of such vehicles which they described as a threat to the lives of road users.

According to commuters, most of the vehicles are won out, tattered and lack maintenance, judging from the poor state and the absence of necessary facilities for road worthiness thereby exposing lives of the passengers to danger.

The tires are won out, and they over speed with the tires to cause accident, the fabrics of the chairs are torn and even some with bedbugs in them, so in the process when you sit on them it is either you come down with bedbugs on your clothes or its metals tear your clothes or wound you, or they over speed and cause accident on the roads especially during this rainy seasons… One of  the commuters lamented.

Similarly Mr. Taiwo, while narrating his experience with one of such vehicles on his way to work explained that parts of the vehicles are torn and passengers get bitten by rain while in the vehicle.

A business woman, Mrs. Lovet Suleman wants the government through its traffic regulatory agencies to ensure that such commercial vehicles which are not road worthy are off the streets.

All these commercial vehicles, I don’t know what is going on with them because if not up to 80% of them, most of the vehicles are really bad. You enter a vehicle and you see it tearing your clothes, the seats are smelling, sometimes you see some cockroaches inside.

Mr. Chukwuemeka Augustin, said, each time he enters a commercial bus in Lagos, he feels like relocating abroad where he retired from.

We are asking the right agency that controls these buses to do something on time before things get out of hand.

Others advise that if there is an alternative, commuters should try as much as possible to avoid entering such vehicles for their own safety no matter how cheap travelling in such vehicles may be.

All efforts to speak with the officials of the state ministry of transportation proved abortive as at the time of this report.

Meanwhile Lagosians are optimistic that with the state governments policy on alternative mode of transportation aimed at decongesting the roads and the distribution of more capacity buses will boost the services of the road transportation system, rickety vehicles will soon be a thing of the past.

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